Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Buh bye!

hey everyone! im no longer doing the blog,although i found another few blogs that may satisfy your blog craving:

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

thanks giving tips for vegans

ah thanks giving, the day where millions of hopeless turkeys get cooked and when it comes out of the oven on the 6th our of rotting in your oven it stinks up your house and for the vegans of the house you have to sit at the table and cannot look straight or else you will see visions like one from the butterball investigation, (the one i vision is the one where they are hanging by their legs)


imagine this, if you saw how many vegans were living in usa today, and in my family (excluding me) one turkey feeds everyone (again except me) and there are 20 people there, so if it takes 20 people to eat one turkey, divide the number of vegans by 20 and you can see how many turkeys vegans  have saved.

but here are the tips that i have learned over the course of my life


if you don't like looking at the flesh of a sad turkey, look down at your plate or your family member instead

if your loved one or family is cooking a turkey and you cant stand the smell or sadness, leave the room

what to, eat  tips on what to  eat and bewares
salad  (with no dressing is always vegan)
corn bread*
crecent rolls (i think all canned kind is vegan)

tips for food

bring some back up food just in case ( i make myself a tofurky roast for a treat in this season on that day)

bring a/ your smart phone so if you find out what a food is made by you can google the ingredietns)

bring something that is secretly vegan or bring your own bowl of veggies so you know they are vegan

1  if you see vegetables in a bowl dont eat any yet, first check the trash (to make it not so suspicious i wipe my hands with a napkin then while i throw it away i glance) for any frozen vegtable wrappers or butter wrappers (the butter mostlikely means they have butter on them but if you see the vegetable bag read the ingredients, since some can have milk or gelatin (green giant uses gelatin in some, yuck!!)

1 (continued) look at the vegtables and if they have a greasy/shiny look they possibly could have butter.
or the easiest way is to ask who made them then you ask the one who made them what did they use

*= ask who ever made or bought it whats in it

!!!!   i will be adding more tips as the count down to thanks giving goes on!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


YES, I AM STILL DOING THE BLOG! for your information. sorry but money has been low lately and since school is back in i have been running around like crazy. i will try posting on the weekends and on occasions during the week, but dont think i forgot about the blog!

Monday, October 6, 2014

List of accidentally vegan general mills cereals

Apple cinnamon cheerios

Apple cinnamon chex

Banana nut cheeios

Berry berry kix


Chocolate chex

Cinnamon chex

Corn chex

Rice chex

Vanilla  chex

Wheat chex

Chocolate toast crunch

Cinnamon burst cheerios

Cinnamon toast crunch

Cocoa puffs

Cocoa puffs brownie crunch

Cookie crisp

Dora the explorer stars (i know it’s childish, but its still vegan!)

Dulce de leche cheerios

fiber one  (ONLY ORIGINAL !!!! the rest have honey!)

Fiber one raisin bran clusters

Frosted cheerios

Frosted toast crunch

Fruity cheerios

Golden grahams


Multi grain cheerios

Multi grain cheerios peanut butter

Resses puffs

Sponge bob square pants fruity splash

Sprinkles cookie crisp


Total rasin bran



And if you dont care about possible traces of animal products, rasin nut bran is vegan (it says may contain milk but i think of it this way, does a cow have to get tortured every time they make another one of these?  its just a possibility, it just means it was made on equipment that processed something with milk, but they still have to clean it, but they dont have to torture a cow every time

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Review : Thomas mini bagels plain review

 Yea, Yea, i know, i haven't posted anything for a few weeks. But since school is back and they have all the good snacks in stock again. So i hope to be posting more.

I have been in the mood for some peanut butter  bagels for a while but i thought for some reason that these had whey. But turns out they don't! so here goes the review

mmm! these are great!! just toast them at medium heat and toss on some better n butter then mmm!! a delicious snack or breakfast! this is an easy 10

ratings: (this is with better n butter)
taste : 10
texture : 10
price : 6

Friday, August 15, 2014

NEWS: Big private label brand topco (makers of food club, top care, full circle organic, etc ) confirms they do not test on animals!

According to this email i got from topco which states :
"Dear (my name) , Thank you for your inquiry regarding animal testing on our products. The products we distribute must meet all government regulations in addition to our own specifications before they can be marketed. Animal testing is not a part of our quality assurance procedures. We aren't aware of any animal testing on any of our products at this time. Thanks again and have a good day."

so by what the email states, it seems like they do not test on animals, So that's another brand to know i can use if im looking for some cruelty free benedryl or knock off tylenol at least i have another choice (now i have 3 options, top care,  similasan, chattem brands, and rite aid )  and its only 99c for their ibuprofen. o im saving 4 dollars right there and it actually works better (i got this email a week ago but i never posted it) 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Accidentally vegan goes to the movies

Last night i went to the 10:00 big premier, i went to see Step up all in and i was loaded with pounds of accidentally vegan candy and snacks. I never really liked pop corn though, and all the movie candy is a rip off, 3.99 for a tiny box of sour patch kids? and 3$ for a bottle of water. Thats why you stop at a drug store or walmart before and get candy there for a dollar each and luckily i did and managed to get it through security.  But were you wondering what i brought? here is a list with pictures :

                                            Sour Patch Kids Candy King Size Packs: 12-Piece Box
                                                         sour patch kids

                                                 chex mix (as i said earlier)
                                            green and blacks dark chocolate
                                                    haribo sour s'ghetti

                                          File:Bowl of smarties.jpg
                                              smarties (like 40 rolls lol )

                                      annies bunny grahams chocolate chip

picture credits : er-candy-packs/products/sour-patch-kids-candy-king-size-packs-12-piece-box/ , , , , ,

ok, im sure i gained 8 pounds atleast last night, but i go to movies only like twice a year unless it seems like a really good movie. but i haven't been to a movie for the last 2 years though so all these calories and fats and carbs were saving up for last night. i did eat the whole bag of chex mix and the whole box of sour patch kids, but i didn't eat alot of the grahms and the s'ghetti, but i did eat 20 rolls of smarties. but for the rest of the week (unless im trying things to post) i should stick to salads and  fat free dressing. but i dont do ratings for this but if i did i would rate this trip 10