Tuesday, November 11, 2014

thanks giving tips for vegans

ah thanks giving, the day where millions of hopeless turkeys get cooked and when it comes out of the oven on the 6th our of rotting in your oven it stinks up your house and for the vegans of the house you have to sit at the table and cannot look straight or else you will see visions like one from the butterball investigation, (the one i vision is the one where they are hanging by their legs)


imagine this, if you saw how many vegans were living in usa today, and in my family (excluding me) one turkey feeds everyone (again except me) and there are 20 people there, so if it takes 20 people to eat one turkey, divide the number of vegans by 20 and you can see how many turkeys vegans  have saved.

but here are the tips that i have learned over the course of my life


if you don't like looking at the flesh of a sad turkey, look down at your plate or your family member instead

if your loved one or family is cooking a turkey and you cant stand the smell or sadness, leave the room

what to, eat  tips on what to  eat and bewares
salad  (with no dressing is always vegan)
corn bread*
crecent rolls (i think all canned kind is vegan)

tips for food

bring some back up food just in case ( i make myself a tofurky roast for a treat in this season on that day)

bring a/ your smart phone so if you find out what a food is made by you can google the ingredietns)

bring something that is secretly vegan or bring your own bowl of veggies so you know they are vegan

1  if you see vegetables in a bowl dont eat any yet, first check the trash (to make it not so suspicious i wipe my hands with a napkin then while i throw it away i glance) for any frozen vegtable wrappers or butter wrappers (the butter mostlikely means they have butter on them but if you see the vegetable bag read the ingredients, since some can have milk or gelatin (green giant uses gelatin in some, yuck!!)

1 (continued) look at the vegtables and if they have a greasy/shiny look they possibly could have butter.
or the easiest way is to ask who made them then you ask the one who made them what did they use

*= ask who ever made or bought it whats in it

!!!!   i will be adding more tips as the count down to thanks giving goes on!!!!