Friday, August 15, 2014

NEWS: Big private label brand topco (makers of food club, top care, full circle organic, etc ) confirms they do not test on animals!

According to this email i got from topco which states :
"Dear (my name) , Thank you for your inquiry regarding animal testing on our products. The products we distribute must meet all government regulations in addition to our own specifications before they can be marketed. Animal testing is not a part of our quality assurance procedures. We aren't aware of any animal testing on any of our products at this time. Thanks again and have a good day."

so by what the email states, it seems like they do not test on animals, So that's another brand to know i can use if im looking for some cruelty free benedryl or knock off tylenol at least i have another choice (now i have 3 options, top care,  similasan, chattem brands, and rite aid )  and its only 99c for their ibuprofen. o im saving 4 dollars right there and it actually works better (i got this email a week ago but i never posted it) 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Accidentally vegan goes to the movies

Last night i went to the 10:00 big premier, i went to see Step up all in and i was loaded with pounds of accidentally vegan candy and snacks. I never really liked pop corn though, and all the movie candy is a rip off, 3.99 for a tiny box of sour patch kids? and 3$ for a bottle of water. Thats why you stop at a drug store or walmart before and get candy there for a dollar each and luckily i did and managed to get it through security.  But were you wondering what i brought? here is a list with pictures :

                                            Sour Patch Kids Candy King Size Packs: 12-Piece Box
                                                         sour patch kids

                                                 chex mix (as i said earlier)
                                            green and blacks dark chocolate
                                                    haribo sour s'ghetti

                                          File:Bowl of smarties.jpg
                                              smarties (like 40 rolls lol )

                                      annies bunny grahams chocolate chip

picture credits : er-candy-packs/products/sour-patch-kids-candy-king-size-packs-12-piece-box/ , , , , ,

ok, im sure i gained 8 pounds atleast last night, but i go to movies only like twice a year unless it seems like a really good movie. but i haven't been to a movie for the last 2 years though so all these calories and fats and carbs were saving up for last night. i did eat the whole bag of chex mix and the whole box of sour patch kids, but i didn't eat alot of the grahms and the s'ghetti, but i did eat 20 rolls of smarties. but for the rest of the week (unless im trying things to post) i should stick to salads and  fat free dressing. but i dont do ratings for this but if i did i would rate this trip 10

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Review : Fruit gushers tropical flavors

to try these, but some thing has always held me back, maybe because i try to avoid super sugary foods. But when it comes to the times that i earned it, i go after it. So enough chit chat, lets get to trying.

                    picture credits :

Ok, so the first thing i need to say is... HOLY COW THESE ARE GOOD! I cannot beleive i have been missing out on these for so long, i might just need another pack. but i gaurentee you that the box these are in is going to be empty in an hour. Here are the reveiws
Taste : 10
Texture : 10
Price : 7

Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday is Cereal day! Review : Cinnamon toast crunch

 Made with real cinnamon and sugar! MMM! Says it right on the package. I haven't had this for a long time like the stauffers animal crackers. but I hope that the cinnamon toast crunch didn't loose flavor like them, Wont know til i try it!
                                    picture credits :
note: i ate this dry (i know im weird,)  but i could not find a picture of it in a bowl without the milk

ok, So thankfully these haven't changed flavor (thank god!!) These have that same light crunchy texture and super cinnamon sugar coating. but i had to remember to brush my teeth after having these sugary things, when i grabbed one with my fingers quickly and ate one my fingers were covered in sugar, but from what i remember i used to eat cereal like this as a snack more than a breakfast,  but when ever you choose to eat it, here are the ratings

Taste 10
Texture 10
Price 8

Friday, August 1, 2014

Reveiw : snack pack lemon pudding

Well here is another pudding, i told you i had more pudding coming, and i still do, but you can tell that most of them are fruit flavors probably because the chocolate and vanilla have milk to make them tast creamy but  i dont think you want milk in lemon, well us vegans dont want milk in anything. But enough chit chat, lets see what it tastes like!

                                       Snack Pack Lemon Pudding
            picture credits : 

ok so i know  i tried the snack pack lemon meringue pie pudding and it was ok, but to be honest this is the same stuff just without the cream flavored pudding on top, (but the cream was actually the gross part,) so this was so much btter than the pie one. It was thick (and i dove thick pudding), cheap, flavorful and wasn't too sour. here are the ratings
Taste : 9
Texture : 9
Price : 10