Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday is Cereal day! Review : Cinnamon toast crunch

 Made with real cinnamon and sugar! MMM! Says it right on the package. I haven't had this for a long time like the stauffers animal crackers. but I hope that the cinnamon toast crunch didn't loose flavor like them, Wont know til i try it!
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note: i ate this dry (i know im weird,)  but i could not find a picture of it in a bowl without the milk

ok, So thankfully these haven't changed flavor (thank god!!) These have that same light crunchy texture and super cinnamon sugar coating. but i had to remember to brush my teeth after having these sugary things, when i grabbed one with my fingers quickly and ate one my fingers were covered in sugar, but from what i remember i used to eat cereal like this as a snack more than a breakfast,  but when ever you choose to eat it, here are the ratings

Taste 10
Texture 10
Price 8

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