Saturday, August 9, 2014

Accidentally vegan goes to the movies

Last night i went to the 10:00 big premier, i went to see Step up all in and i was loaded with pounds of accidentally vegan candy and snacks. I never really liked pop corn though, and all the movie candy is a rip off, 3.99 for a tiny box of sour patch kids? and 3$ for a bottle of water. Thats why you stop at a drug store or walmart before and get candy there for a dollar each and luckily i did and managed to get it through security.  But were you wondering what i brought? here is a list with pictures :

                                            Sour Patch Kids Candy King Size Packs: 12-Piece Box
                                                         sour patch kids

                                                 chex mix (as i said earlier)
                                            green and blacks dark chocolate
                                                    haribo sour s'ghetti

                                          File:Bowl of smarties.jpg
                                              smarties (like 40 rolls lol )

                                      annies bunny grahams chocolate chip

picture credits : er-candy-packs/products/sour-patch-kids-candy-king-size-packs-12-piece-box/ , , , , ,

ok, im sure i gained 8 pounds atleast last night, but i go to movies only like twice a year unless it seems like a really good movie. but i haven't been to a movie for the last 2 years though so all these calories and fats and carbs were saving up for last night. i did eat the whole bag of chex mix and the whole box of sour patch kids, but i didn't eat alot of the grahms and the s'ghetti, but i did eat 20 rolls of smarties. but for the rest of the week (unless im trying things to post) i should stick to salads and  fat free dressing. but i dont do ratings for this but if i did i would rate this trip 10

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