Friday, August 1, 2014

Reveiw : snack pack lemon pudding

Well here is another pudding, i told you i had more pudding coming, and i still do, but you can tell that most of them are fruit flavors probably because the chocolate and vanilla have milk to make them tast creamy but  i dont think you want milk in lemon, well us vegans dont want milk in anything. But enough chit chat, lets see what it tastes like!

                                       Snack Pack Lemon Pudding
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ok so i know  i tried the snack pack lemon meringue pie pudding and it was ok, but to be honest this is the same stuff just without the cream flavored pudding on top, (but the cream was actually the gross part,) so this was so much btter than the pie one. It was thick (and i dove thick pudding), cheap, flavorful and wasn't too sour. here are the ratings
Taste : 9
Texture : 9
Price : 10

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