Friday, August 15, 2014

NEWS: Big private label brand topco (makers of food club, top care, full circle organic, etc ) confirms they do not test on animals!

According to this email i got from topco which states :
"Dear (my name) , Thank you for your inquiry regarding animal testing on our products. The products we distribute must meet all government regulations in addition to our own specifications before they can be marketed. Animal testing is not a part of our quality assurance procedures. We aren't aware of any animal testing on any of our products at this time. Thanks again and have a good day."

so by what the email states, it seems like they do not test on animals, So that's another brand to know i can use if im looking for some cruelty free benedryl or knock off tylenol at least i have another choice (now i have 3 options, top care,  similasan, chattem brands, and rite aid )  and its only 99c for their ibuprofen. o im saving 4 dollars right there and it actually works better (i got this email a week ago but i never posted it) 

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