Monday, October 6, 2014

List of accidentally vegan general mills cereals

Apple cinnamon cheerios

Apple cinnamon chex

Banana nut cheeios

Berry berry kix


Chocolate chex

Cinnamon chex

Corn chex

Rice chex

Vanilla  chex

Wheat chex

Chocolate toast crunch

Cinnamon burst cheerios

Cinnamon toast crunch

Cocoa puffs

Cocoa puffs brownie crunch

Cookie crisp

Dora the explorer stars (i know it’s childish, but its still vegan!)

Dulce de leche cheerios

fiber one  (ONLY ORIGINAL !!!! the rest have honey!)

Fiber one raisin bran clusters

Frosted cheerios

Frosted toast crunch

Fruity cheerios

Golden grahams


Multi grain cheerios

Multi grain cheerios peanut butter

Resses puffs

Sponge bob square pants fruity splash

Sprinkles cookie crisp


Total rasin bran



And if you dont care about possible traces of animal products, rasin nut bran is vegan (it says may contain milk but i think of it this way, does a cow have to get tortured every time they make another one of these?  its just a possibility, it just means it was made on equipment that processed something with milk, but they still have to clean it, but they dont have to torture a cow every time

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  1. I don't think this is right. They all contain d3 which is normally from animals.