Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday is cereal day! Reveiw : Post good Morenings waffle crunch

Ok, i originally wrote this review this morning but forgot to post it, but speaking of posting this Monday i tried  post good Morenings waffle crunch since im obsessed with waffles so im hoping th lets see what it tastes like(i have been doing post since they have been sending me $1 coupons every just for emailing them a question)

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ok, so these had the shape and color of a waffle, but the real question is, did they taste like a waffle? The answer is yes . They had the maple and waffle-ish taste but they had a hint of a chemical flavor to it, and it was really crunchy, But they were good considering the price (2:99 for a value box) but no matter the price, lets get to the ratings
Taste : 4
Texture :5
Price : 9

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