Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday is cereal day! Reveiw : post raisin bran

    here is an old classic that i never knew was vegan, sadly the kelloggs one has honey but there were no non vegan ingredients in this one from what i saw, so lets try it!
                               picture credits:
 reveiw : it wasnt the best flavor, but the rasins did have a powerful taste, but i liked how they didn't get soggy when i mixed it with the soy milk (note, it tastes best with silk very vanilla). But for rating here are the results :
taste 9
texture 10
price 7

and since my camera broke, and i still need to find out how to email my pictures through my phone to the internet, ( when ever i email them they never come!)  i will use pictures from the internet, but i will give credit to all the websites i use them from.

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